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My thoughts on Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer

Four female characters (a manipulative psychologist/hypnotist, an anthropologist, a surveyor, and our protagonist, the biologist) are dispatched into this quarantined area in an intense state of hypnosis, making the slow reveal of the surreal Giger-esque flora and fauna even more terrifying. And just another reason why I may or may not be avoiding finding a new psychologist.


orange peels fresh in the sinkmy finger tips scented by their honeyoutside the heat lectures the breezelittle birds lined up fluffy down ornamentsi ask myselfself what will you do todayand i answer i dont knowyou do that everyday selfarent you tiredand i answer yes but not like how you thinkthe birds are stillthe window thickContinue reading “self”

I’m Not Coming to Class, Sincerely Mental Illness

This brings me back to the few times I have opened my inbox and saw my problems staring right back at me. You guessed it, students admitting the reason they didn’t show up was due to their various mental health conditions or just recently being diagnosed with one and, of course, my dear old friend with absolutely no benefits, depression has graced that list.