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orange peels fresh in the sinkmy finger tips scented by their honeyoutside the heat lectures the breezelittle birds lined up fluffy down ornamentsi ask myselfself what will you do todayand i answer i dont knowyou do that everyday selfarent you tiredand i answer yes but not like how you thinkthe birds are stillthe window thickContinue reading “self”


The golden rays recede Forced to retreat, to withdraw, As twilight chases the day away Drawing the curtains temporarily On the daily war waged in the skies Turning the tables in the battle between the Sun and the Moon, As the balance shifts From the light to the dark The Sun makes his way toContinue reading “Twilight”

I do not like Green Eggs and Spam

Oh spam ya maka me crazy I do not like green eggs and spam I never have and I never will Every morning when I go to my page you have taken my friends and scrambled them there. Oh spam ya maka me crazy. I do not like green eggs and spam. I never haveContinue reading “I do not like Green Eggs and Spam”