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orange peels fresh in the sinkmy finger tips scented by their honeyoutside the heat lectures the breezelittle birds lined up fluffy down ornamentsi ask myselfself what will you do todayand i answer i dont knowyou do that everyday selfarent you tiredand i answer yes but not like how you thinkthe birds are stillthe window thickContinue reading “self”

Travel Report: Florida Nostalgia.

Florida Nostalgia. The summers of 1989, 1991, 1994. Hey folks, Iā€™m gonna try something different today. In fact, this is is not your usual programming. After eight instalments documenting my U.S. travel nostalgia, I found myself tempted by the prospect of concluding the series with a piece that goes even further back. Now when I sayContinue reading “Travel Report: Florida Nostalgia.”

Ode to Dylan Thomas

You did not go gentle through your life, knocked hard for flesh to let you enter, soul-shaken by your mother and your wife, thistledown-free and unafraid of winter. You, self-confessed gusty man and a half, languished in whisky and bitter-sweet ale, like the Dewi singing, ready with a laugh and a rhyme like a spoutingContinue reading “Ode to Dylan Thomas”

A New Form of Book Piracy ā€” Just Can’t Help Writing

A very interesting read. I am definitely going to keep an eye out for things like this with my future self publishing projects. Originally posted on chrismcmullen: Image licensed from Shutterstock. BEWARE OF BOOK PIRATES Earlier this year, after publishing a new book, I visited Amazon to check it out. When I finished inspecting theContinue reading “A New Form of Book Piracy ā€” Just Can’t Help Writing”