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My Thoughts on Samantha Kolber’s Birth of a Daughter.

Samantha Kolber’s poetry collection “Birth of a Daughter” defies expectations. Speaking as someone who does not have any children and is surrounded by people asking why she doesn’t want any children, I expected something completely different. Yes, there are beautiful moments, but she does not sugarcoat the painful process/ miracle of birth. She is breathtakinglyContinue reading “My Thoughts on Samantha Kolber’s Birth of a Daughter.”

My thoughts on Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer

Four female characters (a manipulative psychologist/hypnotist, an anthropologist, a surveyor, and our protagonist, the biologist) are dispatched into this quarantined area in an intense state of hypnosis, making the slow reveal of the surreal Giger-esque flora and fauna even more terrifying. And just another reason why I may or may not be avoiding finding a new psychologist.

The Second Lost Generation

Last year, when 2020 started to ramp up into a category five shit storm, I began to receive poetry and fiction from my creative writing classes that made me question when people would realize this was becoming a problem. And, if we all don’t cut out all of our collective crap, these young people are going to have a mental breakdown of Hemmingway-esque proportions. In fact, in my mind, I don’t refer to them as “Gen Z”; I often refer to them as the second lost generation.

My Grandfather is My Anchor in the Year 2021.

My grandfather was a World War II Navy veteran. I can’t even imagine being on board a ship and wondering if my death will come from above or below. Will I die from a Nazi sub or a Japanese machine gun mounted on a plane that would also have no problem slamming into the deck above my head? What’s crazy is that my grandfather was only 15. Yup, you read that right!


orange peels fresh in the sinkmy finger tips scented by their honeyoutside the heat lectures the breezelittle birds lined up fluffy down ornamentsi ask myselfself what will you do todayand i answer i dont knowyou do that everyday selfarent you tiredand i answer yes but not like how you thinkthe birds are stillthe window thickContinue reading “self”