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Welcome to my writing, mental health, and other creative endeavors Blog


My Thoughts on Samantha Kolber’s Birth of a Daughter.

Samantha Kolber’s poetry collection “Birth of a Daughter” defies expectations. Speaking as someone who does not have any children and is surrounded by people asking why she doesn’t want any children, I expected something completely different. Yes, there are beautiful moments, but she does not sugarcoat the painful process/ miracle of birth. She is breathtakinglyContinue reading “My Thoughts on Samantha Kolber’s Birth of a Daughter.”

My thoughts on Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer

Four female characters (a manipulative psychologist/hypnotist, an anthropologist, a surveyor, and our protagonist, the biologist) are dispatched into this quarantined area in an intense state of hypnosis, making the slow reveal of the surreal Giger-esque flora and fauna even more terrifying. And just another reason why I may or may not be avoiding finding a new psychologist.

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