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My Thoughts on Samantha Kolber’s Birth of a Daughter.

Samantha Kolber’s poetry collection “Birth of a Daughter” defies expectations. Speaking as someone who does not have any children and is surrounded by people asking why she doesn’t want any children, I expected something completely different. Yes, there are beautiful moments, but she does not sugarcoat the painful process/ miracle of birth. She is breathtakinglyContinue reading “My Thoughts on Samantha Kolber’s Birth of a Daughter.”


orange peels fresh in the sinkmy finger tips scented by their honeyoutside the heat lectures the breezelittle birds lined up fluffy down ornamentsi ask myselfself what will you do todayand i answer i dont knowyou do that everyday selfarent you tiredand i answer yes but not like how you thinkthe birds are stillthe window thickContinue reading “self”