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Medicinal plant.


What a lovely photo. I just finished reading a book with character named Daisy. And no it wasn’t The Great Gatsby 不不

Published by fultontheauthor

Shes twenty-nine-ish and recently married a man who was either very brave or very stupid enough to ask her after witnessing thirteen years of mindboggling mental hang-ups. She has two beloved dogs named Huckleberry and Tom who moonlight as Canadian Mounties in their spare time. Her favorite words are whirling dervish and phantasmagorical. Her students at Miami Dade College inspire her to keep writing and never stop randomly quoting all of Bruce Campbells best lines in the Evil Dead series. Groovy! Her book of poems "To the Man in the Red Suit" is set to be published by the good people at Rootstock publishing in May 2020. Here is a link:

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